VA - Very Cool & Very Core PLHC Compilation

by Last Dayz



This is a 7" compilation of some of the finest young Polish Hardcore bands. All songs for this release are exclusive.


released September 15, 2012

1. REALITY CHECK - Sacrifice

2. STONE HEART - Hopeless Youth

3. LAST DAYZ - Solution

4. OUTBOUND - Omission

5. THUG X LIFE - Tired

6. DESPERATE TIMES - Burn Babylon...



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Track Name: LAST DAYZ - Solution
The pain as you feel it in just a bodily dimension.
I who have nothing but the pain I refer to.
Something ugly something dark - negativity inside.
Still itching and burning my mind, my heart, my soul.

Force against mind, mind against force - I’m a slave to this world that wants me to rot alive.
Hunt me down, day and night, keep me chained, otherwise…
Smash anybody who stands my way - So many years at the bottom I learned how to cope with my fears.
Is this real is it me? Or my mind’s playing with…ME!
Me, my mind and me.
Nothing and nowhere is where I’m finally free.

From the day I was born I started counting my last days.
To land HARD I came to this life.
The more I try the harder I fall.
In fact I always fuckin lose…

DO IT! And get quickly forgotten.
As ashes turn to ashes and dust to dust.