No Future 7" EP

by Last Dayz

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released June 1, 2011



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Last Dayz Poland

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Track Name: 01. Forced to Live
No hope for all

Violence in our minds like a filthy beast
Downfall of this world through end of humanity
Bile and blood dripping on me
Instinct over wisdom - the end is near

Each of us is dead inside as we don’t live
By the ten commandments but by the 7 deadly sins
And we hold it so dear, guilt is on us and it won’t cease

Ill-smelling fear - We’re the dogs biting when scared
Pathetic lust - We’re the rats doing our time on waste
Total injustice - Only the strong, only the wise survive

I want to fucking breath and let those demons out
Less pain as I am climbing to decent life
Beg for some warmth in this world so cold
Dark sided I stay but still need hope

This weight I carry is way to heavy
This sick society, drowning in guilt
Beg for some warmth in this world so cold
Dark sided I stay but still need some hope
Track Name: 02. Fuck Off
One way to run things, one meritious thought
Statements straight-forward, no shades of grey
As clocks are ticking, fake truth comes
Disorder within, will said be done?

Don’t tell me what is right!

The chances approaching, and nothing’s proven
The reason unknown, the aim somewhere lost
Guidance for whom?
Time has come – back turned on your own words

You’ll never know

Fuck it, truly, I don’t want to do it
Listen to talk that equals shit at the end

And you dare to ask me why? Fuck
The older I am the more I hate. Bust
Track Name: 03. Lights Out
Is this so hard to be selective in words?
To say only what you will stand for
Who the fuck pulls your tongue out of mouth?
No need to backtalk. Don’t spread your shit when not asked

Dicey deal

Eye sees a lot, ear perfectly hears
To smell this shit no need for help
Only imagine how lions eat lamb
Think twice then act

Said to much and no one cares
This is the way it goes
Here is where we sort out the men from the boys

Your luck ends here

This shit is real, lights out!
Reaper takes no prisoners
Life smacks you in the face
And then you cry like a bitch
Track Name: 04. Fire and Ice
No future he’d seen in the future without her
Still thinking of them a perfect match, however
No future she saw when looking at him
It makes all different, not the way it used to be

Right and wrong are no longer clear.
To lie and fake or to make it end?
And as the truth comes crashing down and tearing apart.
They become fire and ice!

Confusion, blood boils through her veins. How to tell the hardest thing?
Not yet ready for such a pain. The fear of loss is killing him

Love so hard to keep. Once felt so deep
As bad waves come It soon disappears. Just the way it is
Hate comes so easy. Please never leave me
Too hard to tell the shit they’re in, honestly

Once taken for granted. Now ‘together’ breaks like the glass
After love dies. Does life mean just waiting to die?

Fire and Ice!